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Welcome to Fedora Tracker!
139,669 packages (110,298 unique names) indexed

The Fedora Project is a free distribution of the Linux operating system, which uses the RPM packaging system. RPMs can be downloaded and installed using the yum package management tool, among others.

Along with the official packages and their associated errata, yum makes it easy for third-party repositories to provide packages outside of and complementary to the official distribution. But how do you find out where these repositories are? How do you find out if the package you're looking for is available in any of them? That's what Fedora Tracker is for.

Fedora Tracker aims to be a comprehensive but easy to use index of Fedora yum repositories on the internet. You can search by repository or by package. If you know of a repository not listed here , please email a copy of its configuration file to the address at the bottom of this page and I will add it to the index.

While I endeavor to ensure that all repositories are labeled properly, I do not host anything directly and take no responsibility for packages found through this index. Fedora Tracker is not officially associated with the Fedora Steering Committee or Red Hat, Inc. I am a Red Hat Employee but Fedora Tracker is not related to my work for that company, it's a project I work on in my free time to give back to the community that makes projects like Fedora happen.